Scarfgirl Blogging #1

Scarfgirl Blogging #1

... And we’re off! 

It’s funny that it took a global pandemic to get our site up and running again. Well, “funny” in a “wow, this is completely inconceivable, and really truly horrible — better make the most out of this shit storm of a year” kind of way.

I’m currently channeling my recent time that I was lucky enough to have in Europe, just before Covid-19 hit earlier this year. I went over for the majority of our summer school break here in Australia. Hitting up the UK, Iceland, Spain, and France— all deeply inspiring to me. Not only from the all the magical vintage materials I found, but from the old and new friends that I spent time with along the way. Cherishing each of those moments now more than ever as I’m not sure when that could happen again. 

It had been almost 5 years since being back, and I had forgotten that feeling of an old world being on your doorstep. Each country more ancient than the last. From the relaxed locals dancing and singing in Las Palmas, to the busy, squishy markets in central/west Paris. 

I can’t say I had one bad experience... Except for the time when I was extremely sick (not covid) for my entire time in Paris— But, in saying that! I didn’t let that stop me from visiting all the antique markets I had mapped out. Mainly found from random Instagram posts actually. Hot tip people!! Pay attention vintage lovers. Save those posts! Search each suburb! I guess it’s easier when you’re by yourself and not dragging around another poor soul with you all day. Would recommend a solo trip for vintage shopping in Paris, or, find someone with the same passion and/or stamina 💪🏻 

That was 100% the aim of the trip. Friends✅ food✅ fabric✅— Oh and also some wine :) Of the natural variety. 

I should start us off at the beginning as I didn’t start my trip off being sick in Paris. I was in the UK where I lived many a moon ago. South west specifically. Weirdly enough I grew up in South West Sydney and here I was gravitating to the same area in London. However, it’s a lot quicker to get around from that spot in London in comparison to Sydney (thank you tube and overground 🙌🏻). My wonderful friend Lee put me up in our old apartment in Earlsfield. Here, I had a base to gallivant around hitting up all my favorite spots, while he worked before our trip to Iceland. He did however join me on a couple of these adventures, one being to east London where Beyond Retro was begging for a visit. This was definitely more of a personal shopping trip, although I remember Lee moreover being especially lucky with his finds that day. 

Another one of my day trips included one to an antiques shop on Northcote Road where a close friend’s mum works and exhibits. She has some fantastic treasures there and so did her colleague. There I bought a late 19th century french piece of fabric, that has a rich, boho vibe with it's ornate design and red hues. I’ve teased this on my Instagram page and have made a couple of goodies from it. This was such a treat to visit as I got to have a long catchup, and a little bonding time over some ancient beauties that were scattered around the store. I wish I could go back there every day!! Although, I would be completely broke and probably not be creating anything from my purchases. I’m slow enough as it is here in Sydney. #procrastinatingartist

To my defence it has been a strange few years of moving, developing and evolving, that I’ll include and possibly overshare in amongst this blog. Whilst including what’s in the works for sydney scarf store for 2020 and beyond. 💫


Ciao for now

Jade x

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