"Having a love for all things vintage and antique in my upbringing, I knew I wanted to work with materials that inspired me, were sustainable and that could tell a story. As I got older my interest in fashion and style developed, as did my personal style. Small scarves tied around my head became a staple for every day. Like Rosie the Riviter from the '40s I felt empowered in them.

My wonderful grandmother shared my passion for prints and fabric, collecting them throughout her life. And later, she left her vast collection to me. Instantly I wanted to create pieces that not only celebrated the diverse prints but we're empowering to others.

My vision is to find forgotten fabrics from around the world and convert them into sustainable, limited edition, timeless accessories.

Gender neutral. All ethically hand made in Sydney, Australia."

Jade Goodfellow
- Director / Designer, Sydney Scarf Store